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WSQ Apply Workplace Safety and Health in Construction Sites: PI-ES-102E-1(previously CSOC)

Formerly known as CSOC-Construction Safety Orientation Course.

Audience: Foreign workers & locals joining the construction industry and renewals of Work Permits.


1) Legal Obligation including WSH Act

2) Fire and Explosion Hazards

3) Specialized Operations

4) Material Handling

5) Mechanical and Electrical Works

6) Working At Height

7) Working In Confined Spaces

8) Personal Protective Equipment

9) Well Being (With Safety Shoes)

10) Written Assessment

11)Work at Heights & Fire Fighting Practical Assessment 

All Foreign Workers employed in the construction industry in Singapore must pass the Construction Safety Orientation Course (now AWSHCS).

At the end of the course, the workers will receive a safety pass if they pass the assessment.

Foreign workers who fail the assessment will need to retake the course.

This course will:

  • Ensure that construction workers are familiar with the latest safety requirements and health hazards in the industry;
  • Educate them on the required measures for preventing accidents and diseases; and
  • Ensure that the construction workers are aware of their rights and responsibilities under the employment law.

Before a Work Permit is issued, employers must ensure that Foreign Workers attend this course within two weeks of arriving in Singapore.

Documents Required for Registration (please bring/email either of these document):
  • IPA & Passport; OR
  • Work Permit / S-Pass / Employment Pass / NRIC; OR
  • MOM Renewal Notice; OR
  • Any other documents issued by MOM or ICA for the participant to work in Singapore

Modules Covered:

  • CE1. Identify own roles and responsibilities as an employee in a construction job .
  • CE2. Follow safe work procedures in a construction job.
  • CE3. Follow safe “Work-at-Height” procedures.
  • CE4. Respond to fire emergencies.

Course Fee: $110

Funding Reference:

Course Language SSG Funding Codes(WSQ)
English CRS-Q-0030805-PI


Course Language SSG Funding Codes(Non-WSQ)
Bengali CRS-N-0041853
Burmese CRS-N-0041847
Hindi CRS-N-0041848
Malay CRS-N-0041851
Mandarin CRS-N-0041850
Tamil CRS-N-0041852
Thai CRS-N-0041849

Duration: 2 days

15 Kaki Bukit Road 4 #01-49

Important note: For ENGLISH classes, an ENGLISH entry test will be administered. Candidates who fail will not be allowed to join the ENGLISH class.

Employers who fail to ensure that their workers take and pass the CSOC/AWSHCS will be barred from applying for new Work Permits for three months, while the affected workers will have their Work Permits revoked.