First Aid Awareness with CPR & AED

first aid training


This important First Aid Awareness with CPR and AED course aims to review and refresh the concepts and techniques required in a casualty management situation for all FIRST level rescuers


  • Company Emergency Response Team (CERT) members who require to meet the SCDF CERT audit requirements
  • Rescuers and aspiring rescuers


  1. Understanding fractures and soft tissues injuries
  2. Understanding burn injuries
  3. Identify and Manage bleeding
  4. Perform CPR
  5. Perform AED
  6. Understand the various casualty management procedures and protocols
  7. Assessment:Oral Questioning & Practical Performance


This course is conducted by experienced First Aid Trainer


  • Customer’s Premises, or,
  • AAT Fire and Emergency Training Centre (Oxley Bizhub)


  • 4 hours

For training at our centre: Please register online

For onsite training: Please email for a quotation