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WSQ Forklift Course Singapore

AAT Training Hub Pte. Ltd. is the 1st private training provider in Singapore to conduct Forklift courses in Singapore.We now conduct forklift courses under the WSQ framework. To date we have trained over 12,000 participants in the safe operations of the forklift!


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Target Audience:

Warehouse/Logistics/Marine/Workshop staff of all levels and backgrounds

Types Of Forklift Courses Available:

WSQ Forklift Course (5 Days)

  • You must attend this course if you do not possess a valid Singapore driving licence.

WSQ Forklift Course (3 Days)

  • You can attend this course if you possess a valid Singapore or Malaysia driving licence.

Heavy Load Forklift Course (4 days)

  • Attend this course if you have a Ministry of Manpower or PSA approved Forklift licence and who would like to operate a heavy load forklift.
  • You must be between  20 to 60 years old.
  • Logistics and marine personnel holding WSQ forklift driver course certificates may also apply.

Forklift Safety Refresher Course (1 day)

  • You should have a Ministry of Manpower or PSA approved Forklift licence to attend this course.

Course Outline:

WSQ Forklift Courses

  • How to safely operate a Forklift vehicle
  • A WDA accredited program

Heavy Load Forklift Training:

  • To safely operate a Forklift machine of 7 ton capacity onwards
  • Licence valid for all areas in Singapore except PSA (requires internal licence)

Forklift Refresher Course:

  • Physics of the Forklift
  • Load Handling
  • Forklift Safety Knowledge
  • Forklift Maintenance Skills
  • Driving Skills(10 min circuit test)

These courses as reflected in the website and our fliers are for age group 18 to 60. For those above this age group, a “physically fit” medical report is required from a registered local practitioner, when applying for Equipment handling courses.


For cancellation on the commencement date, 100% of deposit will be forfeited. .

For cancellation <= 02 days before commencement date, 80% of deposit will be forfeited.

For cancellation <= 05 days before commencement date, 60% of deposit will be forfeited.

Absent: Total fees shall be forfeited for absenteeism without valid papers.

Appeal: All appeals for course results to training matters must be in writing to Training Director within 48hrs after the result to the Admin office by fax: 6293 4401 or email:

You may apply for training incentives here at Skills Connect: