WSQ Apply Workplace Safety and Health in Metal Work(PI-ES2-103E-1)

Formerly MSOC-Metalworking Safety Orientation Course

Foreign workers who handle metals and machinery in metalworking industry must take one of the following safety courses before their Work Permits can be issued:

  • Apply Workplace Safety and Health in Metal Work (includes Fire Fighting training)

Foreign workers & locals joining the metalworking/manufacturing industry and renewals of Work Permits.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand legal obligations in workplace safety and health
  2. Identify hazards in a factory
  3. Recognize all types of industrial safety signs
  4. Apply for safety permit prior to hot work
  5. Put on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  6. Take safety precautions when working with different hazards
  7. Respond in case of fire or emergency

Assessment: Written Test(40 MCQ) & Practical Performance(Fire Fighting)

Duration: 1 day (9am to 6pm)

Course Fee: S$40 (before SSG funding)

Language: English, Mandrin, Malay, Tamil, Thai, Bengali, Hindi, Burmese

Ministry of Manpower Requirements:

Workers in the metalworking industry need to retake and pass the safety course regularly. How often they need to take the test depends on their years worked in the sector.

When renewing a Work Permit, the worker’s safety course certificate must be valid for more than 1 month on the day of renewal. Otherwise the Work Permit will not be renewed.

Employers who fail to ensure that their workers take and pass the MSOC will be barred from applying for new Work Permits for three months, while the affected workers will have their Work Permits revoked.